” I never thought I’d be interested in getting involved – other than just attending the meetings. But I’ve discovered that joining committees and the executive is really the best way to really benefit. The women I’ve worked with are the ones I know and appreciate the best.”


Organizes our club’s files and ensures that these documents and the Club Charter are kept safely.

Compiles and distributes club information for our monthly newsletters and calendars and maintains the club website. Handles general correspondence and publicity for various events.

Issues and Resolutions
Researches and discusses topics of interest and advocates on provincial and national CFUW policies at the local level. Reviews and recommends on annual CFUW Provincial and National Resolutions. Hosts speakers and connects with other organizations in the community who are advocating on similar interests. Drafts annual letters and participates in meetings with MLA’s and MP’s on issues of concern using CFUW policy. Seeks to put “advocacy into action”.

Welcomes new members and maintains an up-to-date listing of the current membership for distribution. Prepares new membership packages and assists in coordinating various events with the incoming members.

Plans and invites guest speakers for the monthly meetings and special events.

Scholarship and Special Events
Arranges special events and socials as well as organizing scholarships presentations for qualifying candidates entering post-secondary institutions.