Advocacy in Action

 CFUW Richmond is committed to advocacy based on CFUW provincial and national policies as the basis for speaking out. The club’s Issues and Resolutions Committee meets monthly to discuss a variety of topics and what action the club can take. This may include writing letters to our MLA’s , MP’s and City Council outlining our concerns ; inviting speakers to talk about issues that our members would like to learn more about; partnering with other local organizations to host events; and attending workshops or participating in public consultation opportunities.

CFUW clubs have the opportunity to develop provincial and national resolutions to give our organization policy that we can use to advocate on. In 2012, our club developed and presented a resolution on Food Security that can be used to advocate nationally by all clubs across Canada.  It was adopted at the provincial AGM and subsequently by the CFUW National.  Our club uses the Club Action Newsletter as a reference to current affairs to keep up to date on important topics.
For further updates on advocacy refer to:  – click on the link button:  What we do  and select  Advocacy

 The 2015/16 year focused on actions that our club took to address Child and Family Poverty, the CFUW BC Council Theme.

Examples of our Advocacy in Action include:

– participating as a stakeholder in the City of Richmond’s consultations on cosmetic pesticides, affordable housing, the Official Community Plan and Child Care.  We recommended that a bylaw be passed banning the cosmetic use of pesticides.

– participating in community events and attending meetings of the Richmond Food Security Society

– co-hosting with the Richmond Poverty Response Committee a public forum on Poverty. We supported the building of new units especially for families and the need for shelter for women and children.

– making an annual contribution to the Richmond Food Bank at Christmas

– inviting our MLA to attend one of our meetings, and arranging to meet with another to share our concerns

– writing letters each fall to all MLA’s and MP’s to advise them of our most recent provincial and national resolutions

– hosting all candidates meetings for School Board candidates

– supporting affordable, comprehensive learning and child care system. We also suggested that empty rooms in schools could be considered for child care.

– supporting the Breakfast Club at one of our local Elementary Schools.